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India, a land steeped in history and cultural richness, boasts a heritage that stretches back millennia. With a civilization dating back to the Indus Valley, India has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous empires, from the Mauryas to the Mughals, each leaving an indelible mark on its culture. The country’s vibrant and diverse culture is a tapestry woven from countless threads of tradition, art, music and cuisine, reflecting its vastness and unity in diversity. Read more…


As India’s capital, Delhi encapsulates a captivating fusion of historical grandeur and modern dynamism. Nestled on the northern banks of the Yamuna River in India, Delhi serves as the epicenter for the nation’s economic, political, and social affairs. Read More..


Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies (MRIIRS), an esteemed institution, has its prowess in Teaching, Facilities and Social Responsibility. Read more..


Dr. Amit Bhalla
Organizing Committee, FISU-WUCS

Dear Athletes, Officials, and Shooting Enthusiasts

As the President of the Organizing Committee for the FISU World University Championship – Shooting 2024, it is my distinct pleasure to extend a warm and hearty welcome to all participants from around the globe.

India is proud to host this prestigious event, and we are committed to providing the best facilities and an unparalleled experience for all athletes. Our state-of-the-art venues are equipped to ensure that you have access to top-notch facilities, enabling you to showcase your skills at their very best.

We are dedicated to promoting fairness, camaraderie, and the spirit of sportsmanship throughout the championship. India’s rich cultural heritage, coupled with our renowned hospitality, guarantees an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

The World University Championship Shooting 2024 is not just a competition; it’s a celebration of talent, dedication and the universality of sports. I am confident that this event will foster friendships, create lasting memories, and contribute to the global unity that sports uniquely inspire.